Ode to Maibock

For whatever reason, I am really looking forward to Maibock (or PENNdemonium bock) at the Penn Brewery this year. Every May/June since I have lived in the Burgh, I have gone there with friends to drink of the spring beer. It started out with fellow Penn Staters/practically-my-neighbors Beer and Eric; we went there a couple of weeks after I moved here. Then in subsequent years, I ended up going with coworkers and have not stopped since (this will be year 13).

I think part of the allure this year is because winter started in November and it is still not over if today's 42-degree temps are any indication. But when the Maibock is on tap, you just know that spring has finally sprung (and, some years, if you wait until June, then you can be there for the start of the four-to five-month summer in western PA). That I like a good beer only adds to the anticipation, although I cannot remember what PENNdemonium bock tasted like last year. It almost does not matter.

So the countdown is on. In about one month, on some Tuesday or Thursday, I and some of my coworkers (past and present) and anyone else who reads this and wants to join us (assuming you make the cut) will be eating delicious German food, drinking some good beer (that does NOT taste like foamy river water, contrary to what one coworker thinks), and just having a good time. What more could you ask for, other than a free round of drinks?!

Looking forward to it. And spring. See you soon, Tom!


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