For the beauty of the earth

Since my typical posts are my rambling or my complaining (and usually both), I thought I would write a post today in praise of the beautiful weather we have been having in the Burgh since Saturday.

I have spent almost as many hours outside these past five days as I probably did the first three months of this year. The weather has been just that outstanding. Nearly perfect temps (in the 60s to lower 70s). Mostly sunny skies. Considering how many gray days Pittsburgh typically has, you probably could not ask for a better five-day period. I would be hard-pressed to.

Last night on the news, Jeff, the weather guy, said a year ago the temps were in the 30s. Yesterday's temps were certainly a far cry from that. April is a weird month like that. Brian and I were married nine years ago next week on a cold, rainy day; temps were probably in the upper 40s. I kept repeating to myself on that day that "rain falls on the lap of many a happy bride." The weekends before and after were in the 60s or 70s, so you just never know. When Brian and I moved into our current house six years ago, also around this time, it was in the upper 70s/lower 80s. Brian wanted to turn on the AC, but I refused and told him to think back to how cold we were when we got married, as if that would somehow stop the sweat and exhaustion from lugging boxes and placing furniture.

I really want to hold on to these beautiful days and remind myself of them when the weather inevitably turns chilly again (or, even worse, when I am bitterly complaining in a few months about sweltering heat). So I will leave my computer with a smile on my face as the sun shines through the glass behind me. The rain made a brief appearance, but my constant companion of late, the sun, seems to have returned. So shall I.


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