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Neither a year in review nor a bunch of resolutions

Happy 2015, everyone! I wrote my first check of the year just two minutes ago, and I used the correct year. Already 2015 is off to a good start! :-)

Regarding the check, I have to give a shout-out to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. For only $13, I can get 52 weeks of the Sunday paper. Yes, the Trib leans right. So do I, sometimes (I lean left about as often nowadays, much to the disappointment of my family and a few friends). Regardless, once the P-G raised its rates to something like $60 every quarter to get the Sunday and Thursday papers, I bailed. I do think the PG has a good product, but I could think of many other things I would rather spend that money on. With the great Trib price, I can tip my carrier, donate to the NIE, and save myself several hundred dollars a year.

As is typical, I did nothing for New Year's Eve. Well, I did get a lot done during the day. I dropped the kid off at a friend's house. I got four new tires (my third replacement set since I bought the car almost 8 years ago) and an alignment. While waiting for that, I did about 1.5 hours of work. (Since we are on winter recess, I will get credit for any work I do, and I will be able to leave early one day.).

I got my glasses adjusted and wasted an additional 15 minutes at Lens Crafters because two different people told me I could get free sunglasses lenses (and just pay for the frames) with a birthday coupon I had. Did not find out until the woman rang me up that I would also have to pay for part of the lenses. I left. I plan to write a complain email about that. 

I spent another chunk of change on our crazy dog Bailey. Apparently she is immune to the no-biting spray (it just makes us gag), but I decided to try a third, more natural brand. I also replaced the Kong that Sadie had for 12 years which Bailey managed to destroy in two weeks. Sigh.

After picking up J from the friend's house, we did some grocery shopping, then had a nice dinner (minus the bacon that went up in flames on the grill), and I enjoyed a margarita for dinner and chocolate egg nog for dessert. The Pens finally won a game; I like to think my wearing of the third jersey (Recchi) helped, but that article of clothing has been inconsistent at best.

I was in bed by 11:30, still trying to make up for three nights of little sleep at my mom's. But I did awake at midnight to the sound of distant fireworks. Or maybe gunshots. :-)

I have no expectations for 2015, other than I resolve not to spend to spend much money on my car. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago my new mechanic passed my car for inspection without my needing new brakes. Since I typically replace those every other year, and this was the year to do it, I am guessing new brakes (and probably rotors) are in my 2015.

I would love for a couple of my teams to come away with some post-season victories, but I can't do much about that. I will just try to enjoy whatever ride they take me on.

Here's hoping 2015 is a good ride for all of you.


bluzdude said…
Happy New Year, Facie!
Facie said…
Thanks, Bluz. Right back at ya!
Sherri said…
Happy New Year!
Facie said…
Thanks, Sherri!

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