I gotta a feeling...

It kind of seems wrong to utter that phrase, which has been one of many catchphrases/battle cries for the ever-faithful Steeler Nation, who fairly regularly has a feeling their (our) team is going to the Super Bowl. But I am not even sure the Steelers are going to pull together more than six wins this season; I am 99 percent certain the playoffs are not in their future.

But the Buccos. Oh, the Buccos.

The Pirates are in the playoffs, baby!

Sure, the longest losing streak in major sports ended a few weeks ago. But the way the season was going, it was not going to be enough to just break even or end up a little over .500. No, the fans (both die-hard and fair-weather) wanted more. Last night, we officially got that. And what an ending it was. I don't remember the last time I was so nervous/excited for a baseball game/play. But to see that tag out at home plate (I have no idea if that would be considered a tag out, but that is what I am calling it).

Here's hoping the Pirates can continue to win (and the Cards lose), so the Pirates can get an actual series going, rather than just one wildcard game. But if that is the cards they are dealt, then here's hoping they can win that game and keep on winning.

Let's go Bucs!


bluzdude said…
That's what I worry about... The wild card game. It's one game and out... Not much time to enjoy a festive playoff atmosphere. One game can turn on a single pitch, bad hop or once in a lifetime error. But it's better than the cellar, that's for sure.

As for the Steelers, unless they find an influx of heart, I think they're looking at 4-9.

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