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One giant leap for kind Facie

This post doesn't have anything to do with my being kind, which I mostly am. But I was pretty sure I had already used the post title I really wanted, "Make a decision already." Yep, just checked now, and I wrote a post with that very name three years ago, ironically about the topic this post is going to be about!

But I digress.

The real story?

Ladies and gentleman: Facie bought a smart phone!

This is monumental for me! Can you tell?! I am using a lot of exclamation points!

The details:

My over-three-year-old phone had been dying a slow death for quite some time. It couldn't hold a charge for an entire day. To make matters worse, my car phone charger died, but it seemed silly to replace that, knowing I was going to replace the phone soon. Or so I told myself for the past six or eight months. But despite my stopping into the Verizon store a few times in the past five months, I just couldn't pull the trigger.

Last week, when my phone decided to shut itself off as I was walking to the office, I knew the end was near. I stepped up my research to include a Facebook sampling, and I talked to few Verizon CRs over the course of the week to see what my options were. By mid-week, I had it narrowed down to the Razr M and iPhone 4s, both "free" (Verizon charges a $30 "upgrade" fee, though the phone itself is free). The Razr M runs on a 4G network, which apparently is faster, and a Facebook contact raved about it, so that sounded pretty good. On the other hand, the hubby has an iPhone, the kid has an iPod, and my mom has an iPad, all of which made the iPhone seem like the more practical option (read: not-a-steep learning curve).

I debated Friday night and most of Saturday. By dinnertime, I figured I might as well wait another weekend. What's one more when you have been putting it off for about 30 of 'em! I just couldn't bring myself to do it because 1) what if I made the wrong decision and 2) I just did not want to pay another $30 to $40 per month just for a smart phone. Seemed pretty stupid to me.

After dinner, the hubby, annoyed by my constant indecisiveness, asked me what I would do if my phone stopped working and he needed to get a hold of me. He said that I was never going to make a decision, and he crabbily left the house to ride his bike with J. That irritated me (mostly because I know he is right). So as I was doing the dishes, I decided to make a decision already. 

I got on Verizon's website, I pondered for about two minutes, and then I selected the iPhone, for store pickup within the hour. There was no turning back now. But I felt pretty good about it.

Within an hour, I got a text that my phone was ready, so I headed to the store. I wavered only once when the sales dude told me that 4G was better because eventually Verizon would stop putting money into 3G, but I did not panic (it would have been nice if one of the three CR people I had talked to in the past week had shared that tidbit of information).

I had to make yet another decision when it came to phone protection options. Since I declined every type of phone warranty, and the dude said that the iPhone is the most damaged/broken/something-negative phone, I figured I better get something. I wanted to wait to do some research and/or find a cheaper price, but I figured I was on a roll with decisions that evening. So I ended up getting the waterproof/shockproof case, but only because of my 25 percent work discount.

I am happy to say that six days later, I am still, well, happy with my purchase. Now if only I can figure out how to write a blog post with it, I will be all set.

Now excuse me while I hang out with my newest addition and ponder the next decision I will be making.


bluzdude said…
Congrats on the new addition to the family!

When you were laying out your options, I was rooting for iPhone, just because of the commonality between everyone else's devices. Makes managing the family's communications that much easier, I'd think.

So sayeth the guy with the 2006 flip phone...
Facie said…
Thanks! Hopefully iPhone and I (Pink, as I like to call her since the case is pink) will be happy together for two years or more. But are you saying your phone is seven years old?! Wow.

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