If I were in charge, everyone would go in late today.

I like Daylight Saving Time just as much as the next person. It is nice that it is still a little light out at almost 7:30 p.m. And the time change also means I can stay at my mom's later during our biweekly visits as I now get to have at least some daylight to more easily spot those deer and other critters. But getting up the first work/school day of DST is no picnic.

Hubby and I argued about this, this morning. He insisted whatever effects there are/were should have occurred on Sunday, the first morning of DST. I disagreed because I woke up Sunday when I woke up; I paid no attention to the clock. I got about eight hours of sleep, which is what I usually get on the weekends (assuming I am not beset with insomnia), so my body had no idea an hour disappeared. In fact, I felt "normal" all day Sunday, quite happy, actually, because it was sunny and in the mid 60s. The only downside of DST that day was that I forgot to change my car clock, so after being out with my mom and kid for a couple of hours, I did not realize it was as late as it was.

Knowing how difficult it would be to get up this morning, I thought about going to bed earlier last night. But the Pens blew away the Islanders nicely, and I wanted to watch some highlights (even though I had already watched the game). Plus, as I started watching the 11 p.m. news, I told myself it was really 10, so why go to bed now. Probably 10 minutes after 11, I threw in the towel, and turned off the TV, knowing full well if I fell asleep right then and there, I would get just over seven hours of sleep, which is what I tend to get most weeknights. (Worth noting is I cannot get seven or fewer hours all five weeknights, or I will be in trouble; I have to have at least one, preferably two, eight-hour nights.)

This morning, not surprisingly, was a different story. When my alarm went off at 6:30 a.m., I must have smacked it three times. You would have thought someone moved the stinkin' thing. I turned on the TV to help me wake up (watching some reporter talk about an overnight shooting usually does that), and found that I could open only one eye. The TV was just too bright, particularly against the black sky outside my window. After a few minutes, I dragged my body out of bed and proceeded to the bathroom where I dropped not one but three things throughout my just under 20 minutes in there. I managed to completely miss the shower shelf as I was attempting to place my face soap container back on it, and I took down a bottle of shampoo with it. Those things managed to knock into the "pull-up thing" on the faucet that causes the shower to spray, and my shower slowed to a sprinkle. In my daze/haze, it took me probably 30 seconds to figure out what happened. Once out of the shower, I dropped a makeup brush or eye cream. I am too tired to remember which, but I normally drop one of those things daily.

I managed to get the kid up and ready okay, but only because she was already awake. However, as we were getting ready to walk out the door, I realized I forgot to make coffee. Ugh! Somehow I safely drove us to school (though I have no idea what a hastily written note for the teacher said), and I successfully got through mass, though I did close my eyes a few times. I was never so happy to get home and turn on the coffee maker, filling it with enough water for eight cups (hubby was there). If I did not need almost two hours to work on a school paper as well as another couple hours to figure out my financial aid forms and copy all 20 kajillion pages, I am certain I would have napped. Even though I don't nap! But, hey, at least I did not drop anything during my dishwasher unloaded, so there is that.

So in conclusion, on the first weekday of Daylight Saving (no "s"!) Time, everyone should get to go in late or take the day off. It's for your own good (and obviously mine).

And if you don't believe me, go read this article: Health suffers most on the first Monday of Daylight Savings Time.

The end.


Cassie said…
Isn't it funny how the Pens can ruin a lot of good things. For example, last night. I was ready to tap out, then they score. Then again. Then AGAIN. Then I had to watch the highlights...and ESPN's rendering of the amazing comeback...

le sigh.
Facie said…
But how about that six-game winning streak?!

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