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Bluz indirectly reminded me of this (my blogiversary)

One of my favorite blogger friends, Bluz, over at Darwinfish 2, recently posted about his four-year blogiversary. I recall thinking at some point in either December or January that January 2008 was when I started this blog, but, surprise, surprise, I forgot about it when the actual time came. Regardless, five years is a long time to be doing something like this, for me, anyway, so I do want to acknowledge it. Yeah, me!

My original intent for this blog was to post things about my kid, mostly pictures, so my brothers and their families would be able to keep up with us. Because they live too far away! But right from the get-go, my first post had very little to do with the kid, other than I posted a picture of her and the dog (I cannot believe how little my J looks in that pic). That post was a bit disjointed and lacking focus. The next one I titled "True Ramblings," yet it actually was not all that rambling (unlike many of my subsequent posts). Worth noting is I did not capitalize my first few posts. Even though I am a sticker for good grammar and punctuation, in the beginning, the lack of capitalization made me feel less conceited/self-centered (which is odd because I was writing a blog with my thoughts). For a similar reason, I did not start capitalizing the "r" in "Ramblings" until about six months ago. I still don't like it, but I guess breaking the capitalization rule bothered me more. Let's just leave it at that.

Through these five years, my topics have focused on a variety of things, most notably politics, sports, customer service/business complaints, child/school stuff, and (usually fun) things I do in Pittsburgh. I know some people find a niche and stick with it, but writing about random things works for me. My goal has never been to gain a huge readership. I am not trying to wow anyone with my writing. And I am not going to make money from this, obviously. I simply want to get things off my chest and/have a record of things I have done since my memory, as has been noted numerous times, is like a sieve. It is nice to be able to come here to determine when I last (prematurely) changed my tires and how I was ripped off or when I went to the zoo or some other Pittsburgh attraction.

I won't get into how much I have changed as a person since I began this blogging journey (even more than I realized, having gone back and read some early posts). Suffice it to say that Facie from five years ago is not the same Facie from today. I like to think of this Facie as better, but still evolving. :-)

Regardless of which Facie I am or was, I can honestly say that one of the best things about writing a blog and visiting others is that I have gotten to know various people from different places with numerous talents, problems, life events, and things to say. I feel grateful to have these people in my blogging (and some in my real) world. And that some of those people love Pittsburgh and/or the teams? Well even better!

I am not sure how long I will continue to blog. I took a quick break this summer, due mostly to unexpected people who came across my blog, resulting in my having to censor some things. Even though I sometimes wish I could say more, either because I feel the need to share an experience or I really would appreciate the advice of my blogger friends, perhaps that was a good lesson. Some things may be best left unsaid, or at least left out of this realm, where they may never truly go away or be erased.

In the meantime, I will continue to write about what is on my mind, with some discretion, as rambling as it often is (grammatical errors and typos aside). I hope you, dear readers and blogger buds, will continue to stop by and comment as you see fit. And I hope just as much that I can start posting about some Pittsburgh championships before too long.

Until next time...


LaLa said…
You go girl. 5 years! I have enjoyed reading your posts and don't mind the ramblings. You seem to write from the heart. I don't think you share too much. Some of the blogs I have visited would make a stripper blush. Yowza!! :)
Jessica R. said…
Happy 5 years! Keep on rambling.

I'm a random blogger too, and I like it that way.
bluzdude said…
Woo Hoo! Name Drop City!

One thing you might want to consider, when you have something to post but don’t want it seen by people from your Real Life… see if you can do a guest post on another blog.

Meanwhile, congrats on 5 years. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you, through your blog and otherwise.

Yes, it is funny how our blogs evolve. I always cringe when I go back to my first year, before I developed a consistent format. But it shows the progress, doesn’t it.

I love having a “random” blog, but sometimes I think it might be best to break it out into several blogs, or at least s separate ones for sports and politics. But then I figure that would be a lot more work, so I get over it. I do still have a life…
Facie said…
LaLa: Thanks! I definitely do write from the heart (and my often unfocused mind). I don't share too much compared to many others. I just sometimes wish I could share more.

Jessica: Thanks! Yeah, I like to think the randomness keeps the blog more interesting and appeals to more people.

Bluz: Thanks! I have definitely thought about guest blogging. The next time something comes up, I may talk to a blogger I know who used to do that.

And yes, breaking out several topics may be a better way to go. Although I don't care if I get a lot of comments (which I never do), most of my random posts get maybe one comment if I am lucky, which seems kind of sad.
Cassie said…
Five years is impressive!! I don't know how many years I've been blogging, but I'm sure Bluz can remind me of such things.
Facie said…
Thanks, Cassie! Yes, I am sure Bluz probably knows. :-)

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