On a break

One of my favorite TV lines, from one of my all-time favorite TV shows (Friends), is Ross's whiny but emphatic "But we were on a break!"

Blog readers, a break is just what I am going to go on.

I have no idea how long this break will last. Chances are good that something (probably Penn State-related) will come up that will lure me back to this place before too long. But my goal is to step away for awhile.

This blog has helped me work through some things. This blog has let me capture some of life's events. This blog has also allowed me to get to know people.

But lately I have just not been feeling it. I want to be able to say and share more, but I can't, mostly because I keep hearing my mother warning me to stop posting so much about my life. And I am trying so hard not to be negative and judgmental, but blogs seem to bring those very things out.

So I bid you adieu for now, on Sidney Crosby's birthday (happy 25th!).

And in case I am not back for awhile...

Go Steelers!
Go Pens!
Go Penn State!
Go Pitt!

:-) Facie


LaLa said…
Facie-I will miss ya!! I hope you don't stay away too long. I hear ya about the negativity, not that I found you terribly negative. ;)
bluzdude said…
We'll miss you, Facie!

Now don't be a stranger...
Carpetbagger said…
No Pirates love?

Hope you find your sweet spot. Also hope you stop by us grumpy bloggers every now and then.
MamaRoc said…
Boo! I just get back and you're gone. Oh well, I understand completely. If my blog were not my soul outlet I, too, would probably be gone.

Hang in there (especially through the election!) and enjoy life and all of your precious gifts :)

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