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In a span of about four hours on Tuesday, I went from worrying about summer childcare for my kid and my unknown work schedule on two projects, to thinking I was going to be working from home on only one project (thus needing a lot less childcare), to finding out all my work was wrapping up due to budget issues (thus needing no childcare).


Have I mentioned recently how much I hate the economy? I just heard on the news today that the Pittsburgh Public Schools are sending out almost 300 provisional furlough notices. I know of so many people who are either looking for work or who have had to settle for something. I know even more people who have not gotten a raise in years even though the cost of living has continued to go up. When does it end?

As for my situation, it is not so bad, really. I highly recommend getting laid off to anyone. Seriously. Once you have gone through that and figured out how to survive it, most work-related things that come after are not so bad. When I started working for a company on a contract basis about two and a half months ago, I knew (and hoped!) it could turn into something permanent. But I also knew if it did not, that would be okay too, since I have been used to going without steady income for several years. So I will just be going back to that way. And on the bright side, most companies pay their contractors 60 days after they submit their invoices. Which means that even if I don't work anymore this summer, I will have a few paychecks coming over the next two months.

I also will get to teach Vacation Bible School, something I have done for the past three summers. Just two weeks ago I had to tell the very disappointed director that I would be working and unable to do so. But about an hour after I found out my contract work was coming to an end, I called the priest at that church and told him I could help out since I would no longer be working. And since the Catholic church is often bashed (and often with good reason), I have to share something that made my day today. As I was leaving mass this morning, that priest stopped me to ask if I needed financial help. I told him no thank you, that we would be fine. He asked again, and I responded similarly. He then asked if we would be able to pay for our kid's tuition in the fall. I explained that I worked for a few months, and we would be fine for at least several months after that. But I was so touched by that offer of help, even more so because that church is not even my parish. I go to daily mass there when I can, and I teach the Bible school in the summers.

So, sure, I am a little sad and disappointed that things with that job did not work out quite the way I had hoped. But I'll be okay. You know, one door closing and another opening and all that. :-)


Anonymous said…
Sorry to hear about the loss of your contract work. You have such a great attitute! Keep it up!
Yay to Father?? for being so kind... :)
Carpetbagger said…
For all the faults I can find in the Catholic Church, and as you said, there are plenty, they have always been out front when it comes to providing help and services to the poor and struggling. When the Protestant followed the money and fled to the suburbs, the Catholics and the black churches were left as the only spiritual influences in many urban neighborhoods, including my own.

Hoping and praying that things turn your way, Facie.
Facie said…
Barb: My positive attitude is due mostly to it being the summer. If this had happened at the beginning of the school year or in January, this would have been a different post. But thanks. And, yes, high five to Father G!

Bagger: I do wish more people realized the good the church does rather than focusing so much on the bad. And thanks for your hope and prayers.
Sherri said…
It is hard being laid off, but you do get that time to teach Bible school, and you can spend time with your little one :).
Facie said…
Sherri: I was not an employee there, so I was not laid off. And going into it, I knew that the original project I was working on could end as early April's end, so it was not a complete surprise. But for the past few weeks, we thought that project would last until the end of July, so that was a bit of a blow. But, yes, looking forward to VBS and summer with the kid. :-)

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