Things that make me go hmmm

This post is kind of like a "Random Ramblings" post (interesting that I just capitalized the "r" in "Random" when I refuse to use initial caps in my blog or post titles), except it is specific to things as of late that either I don't get or I find interesting. Here goes:
  • With all the technology out there, one might think (one being someone other than I) that when you click on the "Find product in store" icon on a company's website, and an "in-stock" notation pops up for a selected store, the product might, oh, I don't know, actually be in said store. Since I am not "one," I don't think that to be true. Mostly because it has not been true for Walmart, Target, and Walgreen's the few times I have used this feature in the past 30 days.
  • Third grade seems a little young to have an i-Phone, don't you think? Well, I do. But apparently quite a few parents of other third graders do not agree if I can believe what my kid tells me. I cannot comprehend why on earth an eight- or nine-year-old needs a smart phone. Maybe someone can 'splain it to me?
  • Why do we (and I know I am not the only one) continue to watch the weather when it is wrong so often? I bet I could be right about as much of the time if I just flipped a coin. Sounds like a challenge...
  • I noticed that every pre-printed Christmas card I received listed the husband's name first. In case you were wondering, my name was first for our Christmas card. :-)
  • For New Year's Eve, J and I (Brian was on-call) went to the house of some good friends. We were home by 10 p.m. because I would rather be off the roads long before the ball drops (or rises, as happens in Pittsburgh). Interestingly enough (to me, anyway) the last time I went anywhere for NY's Eve, other than when I spent it with my mom, was 9 or 10 years ago, when I went to the same friends' house (and was home long before midnight). Not sure exactly what this says about me, other than those friends are probably keepers!
Here's to a great 2012 and my understanding a lot more things.


bluzdude said…
* I have the same problem with Amazon. Have had to tap dance pretty quickly after I thought I had my Christmas presents taken care of.

* In my book, whoever arranges for the cards gets to put their name first.

* I don't want to be on the road late on NYE either, so we either go out on the town and stay at a nice hotel, or we just stay home. No sense in dodging drunks and checkpoints.
Anonymous said…
We were honored to have you this year. (and all those years ago, too!) It was fun! We don't see you guys enough so I'm glad we got together - even if you left before 12. Maybe Jordan wasn't as cranky as our girls who were up until 12:30!
I also have the same problem w/ the "in-stock" feature - it's a pain!
Happy New Year!
:) B
Facie said…
Here's the sort-of funny thing about the in-stock thing: Even though someone at Walgreen's said the memory card I wanted was not in-stock (despite the site saying it was), when I stopped there on my way home from school, it actually WAS there. Sheesh.

Bluz: That is what I would think about the Christmas cards, but I am pretty sure that the vast majority of the people who did them are the wife.

Barb: Still not ready to let the kid stay up that late. It is so anti-climactic for me, anyway. But Jordan is cranky enough staying up past 9.
MamaRoc said…
Yes, yes, yes on the phone. My nephew is in 3rd grade and got one not long ago. He now also has a Facebook account. That makes me go HMMMM....:(
Wishing you a very blessed 2012!
Facie said…
MamaRoc: Facebook too?! Oh, man.

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