Truth or Consequences

So another Steeler is in trouble. Sheesh. Unfortunately, this time the offender happens to be my favorite player, Hines Ward. He whom I voted for on "Dancing with the Stars" many, many times. He of the only Steelers jersey I have ever owned. He whom I waited in line for an hour or so back in 2002 to have him sign said jersey. [Note: I generally disdain the whole autograph thing, but I made an exception because I owned his jersey, he was making an appearance 10 minutes from my house, and PSU was losing the football game I was watching at the time.]

But back to issue at hand. A few nights (well, early mornings) ago, Hines was pulled over for driving erratically. When the story first came out, his agent/manager said Hines was not impaired while driving. But according to the police report, his eyes were bloodshot and glassy, he failed some field sobriety tests (alphabet, walking and turning, standing on one leg), and he registered a .128 on a portable breathing test (he refused the apparently more accurate Breathalyzer).

Hines has a couple inches on me, and he undoubtedly weighs more than I do and has much less body fat. Yet I am pretty certain if I had only two beers more than two hours prior to being pulled over, which is what Hines said was the case, my BAC would be well below the legal limit and I could successfully pass pretty much any sobriety test (maybe not the balance one, but I have trouble with that on a good day).

So how can I come to any conclusion other than a rich man, who could afford to pay for a cab or a driver, not only drove drunk but also lied about what he did? 

And that is the part that bothers me most.

I don't hold athletes, movie stars, singers, politicians, etc., to any higher standard than I hold the rest of "us"; I expect the best out of people regardless. And nearing the top of being the best is not lying. I am so tired of people denying affairs, lying about stealing, whatever the indiscretion is, and then coming off all "poor me," "I did nothing wrong," "there was a vast right-wing conspiracy."

Yes, drinking and driving is wrong. But unfortunately, I doubt there are too many of us who have ever consumed alcohol who can honestly say that at least once we probably should not have gotten behind the wheel. I can use the excuse that I was young, particularly because I cannot imagine doing it now, at almost 40. And once I became a parent, the thought pretty much chilled me. But I can admit that what I did many, many years ago was wrong. So wrong. I am so glad that nothing happened.

Let's just hope Hines can man up. But even if he can't, perhaps this can at least serve as a wake-up call to him and his many adoring fans.

The truth shall set you free!


chris h. said…
The thing that makes me maddest is when people don't own up to their failings. If he had said, "I did a really dumb thing. I never should have gotten behind the wheel. I deserve to be punished. Kids, don't be stupid and drink and drive like me." I, and the rest of Steeler nation, would be a lot more understanding. Instead, he comes off as an arrogant, not-so-bright jerk/jock.
Facie said…
Chris: Amen! The ironic thing is the day before, Hines posted a few comments on FB about how he would text and drive. His last post said he drove home with his phone off. And then a day later he does something worse (though to be fair, you could easily text and drive and kill someone).

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