It's just another New Year's Eve

If I were a betting a woman, I would bet that I have used the above post title before. I will try to remember to check before I post this.

Here it is, another New Year's Eve. Unlike Barry Manilow, I don't feel the need to make it the best. This night really is just another night for me. My guess is that I have stayed up past midnight only once in the past decade (old-cough-old). Tonight will probably be no exception.

I will be going out to dinner with my mom and the kid. We waited until yesterday to make a reservation, so we will be dining at 4:30 (speaking of old). My guess is if we had tried this in the Burgh, we would have been out of luck (we are at Mom's in Indiana County). But the worrier in me likes to be off the roads pretty early anyway.

Mom has been in PA since Sunday night, just before midnight. For some reason almost an hour elapsed from the time her plane landed (around 11:50 p.m., not exactly a prime flying time) until her suitcase made it on the luggage spin-around-thingy. This is why unless I am flying for a week, I do my best to cram everything into a carry-on bag. Regardless, I am glad that Mom has/will be around for a week. Remember how I wondered in another post if you can ever go back? Well, mostly you can't, for various reasons. But just that Mom is doing pretty well and is here is an accomplishment. We will have to see what the future holds.

Besides family and food (yes, I am still eating a lot), the other thing I am thinking about is the Winter Classic hockey game and this: For as many times as the weather people are off, can the 50-degree-and raining weather they have been forecasting for days please, please, please be wrong? I caught a few minutes of the 2007 Winter Classic on TV last night. It was so cool to see all the snow falling. Rain, on the other hand, is not only annoying, but dangerous (and may be cause to cancel the game). The Burgh and the Pens could really use some winter weather for this outdoor game. For the love of Pete, we had how many days of snow and 20-degrees in December, and Mother Nature waits until the one day we need that January weather in actual January and refuses to cooperate. Here is to holding out hope.

Oh, well. Happy New Year. May your 2011 be a good one (FYI, I am once again going to try to pronounce the year just as "they" did in the last century. Say "twenty-eleven" with me, will you).


Sherri said…
I thought maybe you had a visitor... you of the prolific and lucid posts ;-). Hope you're having fun. Hubby and I were just saying the other night that New Year's always holds such high expectations.... and 9X out of 10 actually disappoints. We lay low, normally - take-out food - treats for kids - some dumb New Year's countdown on (maybe a movie before) .... maybe a glass or two of wine. Anyway - happy "twenty eleven".

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