People are stupid

I have been pretty nice over the past year and a half. Well, generally speaking, I have always been a nice person; not too many people would describe me as mean, moody, or bitchy. But as much as I try to be kind (or at least not hurtful or rude), today I just have to say that some people are stupid, as mean as that sounds.

Yesterday, some idiot on a bike biked right in front of me. Why was that stupid? Well, I was the second car in line waiting for the green light. Once it turned green, the first car went. Then I started to go. Except I had to stop because this moron bicyclist crossed right in front of me when his light had been red for at least 10 or 15 seconds. And he was biking on the sidewalk. At least he was wearing a helmet...


 Last week I received a letter from a law firm that represents Duquesne Light (you may recall, we had our second power surge in just over eight months, and many of us think DL is responsible). The letter asked that we complete an inventory sheet and submit documentation regarding our damages as soon as possible. However, the inventory directions sheet said that they do not need the information until after they complete the investigation. So which is it?

The day I received the conflicting information, I called the woman who sent the letter and left her a message stating my confusion. Today, after not receiving a return phone call, I called back. Said woman told me I did need to fill out the sheet. To be sure (and to make a point), I said, "Even though the inventory sheet said to wait?" This woman said to go by the instructions in the actual letter. Sigh.


The workers in the local tax office cannot seem to do their job correctly. In addition to several calls last year, I have called that office at least four times in the past few months to check on the status of Brian's refund (you know, the one you would assume you would have received by now, over five months past April 15). Every time I call, I am asked if we have filed his return because they never seem to be able to find it. My answer is the same each time: I mail both his and mine (which they can always locate) in the same envelope, so if they have mine, they should have his.

Next, I explain Brian's situation, which is that his out-of-the-area employer takes the $ out of his pay but then sends it to that local tax place, not ours. After I answer a few more questions, one of which might be something like, what is the square root of 24,452 or what was the name of the street Brian lived on a child, the person I speak to eventually finds the return in another pile. Before the end of the conversation, I respectfully ask (and I use the word "respectfully" when I am doing the asking) that they make some type of notation on his file to make it easier to find/figure out.

When I called the tax office two months ago, T told me we should have the refund in one or two months; that would give them enough time to request the money from the out-of-the-area tax place, for that place to forward it, and for our tax place to process it.  So I called yesterday, what with it being two months and all, and (wait for it) had to once again say, yes, we filed the return; the problem is his money goes to the out-of-area place (which I name each time). Of course this woman, M, had no idea what I was talking about/where his return was, so she left a message for T, hoping she could help since I last dealt with her.

T called me today, and I had to explain the situation for what seems like the 37th time. Once she figured it all out, she said we should have the money within two weeks. I, once again, respectfully asked that they put a post-it note on his file so I would not have to keep calling and explaining the story. How do I think this story is going to end? With my calling back in two weeks, asking where the money is and once again explaining that yes, we filed his return!

Okay, I am done now. Back to saying nice things about people. At least for two more weeks.


Sherri said…
Oh - I can't EVEN begin to tell you how much I empathize with... well.....all your stories here. In fact, I almost replied - I totally agree - BEFORE I read the post. Good luck with all these hassles. Eventually, such things resolve themselves (with a lot a legwork, that is), but... what a pain.
chris h. said…
Again, I wonder: If I ran my business that way...couldn't find things...didn't make instructions clear...kept customers calling back with no satisfaction...would I still BE in business? Oh wait, these are government/public enterprises you're talking about. Nevermind.
Facie said…
Thanks, ladies. Every time I witness someone acting stupid while on the job, I am both angered and shocked that these people get to keep their jobs. Chris, you are so right.

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