On the lighter side

I spent most of the day yesterday watching various 9/11 programs on the History Channel. Some I had seen last year, one probably a few years ago, and at least one was new to me. As gripping and harrowing as they were, by 11 p.m., I had, quite simply, OD'ed on 9/11.

So tonight I want to think about things that have made me smile the past few days. My family (most especially Jordan and Brian), relatives, and friends make me happy so much more often than not, but I decided not to include them in this list. Not surprisingly, since it is September, quite a few of my happy thoughts revolve around football. :-)
  • Football season. Every year I expect the Steelers to make it to the playoffs, and much more often than not, they don't disappoint. Even though I can't say with a lot of confidence that the Black 'n' Gold will get there this year, there is something exciting about the first game of the season (and, during this unusual year, seeing what a relatively new QB can do).
  • Troy Polamalu's hair. I am not just talking about his beautiful, flowing locks (though how can you not love them) or even his great Head 'n Shoulders commercial. The gray hairs he was sporting today were what made me smile. If this man can be okay showing his gray, maybe, just maybe, I can stop plucking mine out!
  • Jordan's slight interest in football. Jordan came into my room this afternoon as I was watching the game. She asked a few questions, sort of watched for a couple of minutes, left, and then came back about 10 second later wearing her Hines Ward jersey. I think my eyes might have welled up with tears.
  • The priest at my church, during football season. From September through early January at least, you can pretty much count on Father John to work the Steelers into his homily. Today he said it is the feast of the first Steeler game of the season, which caused a few chuckles. He also said he hopes he has grown spiritually in the past few months so that he won't be mad about the losses all week long. Yeah, I know it is just a game, but some of us do take it kind of seriously.
  • JoePa. Yes, the man is older than some fossils, yes, he probably should step down sooner rather than later, but I just can't help loving him. He really is a great guy. I just wish I had had my camera with me when I met him back in '02 (and I told him I loved him).
  • Fall weather. I love when the air turns cooler. (I love that the AC is off!) I love the smell of burning wood. I love the colorful, crunchy leaves. I love the pumpkin patch (and eating just about anything that is pumpkin-related). But definitely near the top of the list, I am all too happy to stop wearing shorts and to put the jeans back on.
  • Our windows. I fretted over spending money to replace our windows, but that was the best large sum of money I have spent in years. Maybe ever. Our house stays cooler/warmer (as appropriate), we hear less outside noise, we can actually see out of the windows, and our dog can still catch some rays while lying in front of the living room window, which I know makes her happy.
  • Coffee and flavored creamer. Who needs Starbucks when I can brew my own and throw in a different delish creamer every couple weeks. And because it is fall, that means pumpkin spice should be back on the shelves (I know what I will buying soon). But for now, I can look forward to sipping that cup of joe in about nine hours.
I hope you can come up with many things that make you smile.  :-)


Sherri said…
Love your list. Love fall. Your list is total fall happiness :-).

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