Up on the roof

Ah, home-ownership. Can someone please remind me what is so great about it?

We are estimating our roof is about 30 years old. Our windows are a little older than that. Their old age and condition combined with the crazy snow we had this winter pretty much leaves us no choice but to replace both. When you are under-employed, the thought of spending this kind of money is painful. Well, the price tag would be tough to swallow even if both of us were working full time.

When we put our house on the market three summers ago (and then again two summers ago), we knew the windows would be a detriment. Most of them are foggy, having gotten moisture in them some time ago. And when we bought our house eight years ago, the inspector said we should probably replace our roof within a few years. I know I was happy that the furnace guy did not fall through the roof this week when he was putting a cap on (although he did say it was pretty spongy)! So it's time.

Because we have been dutiful savers for years, we can afford both of these. But we won't have a lot left, and that scares me. Because what if I continue not to find suitable employment? And what if we end up with some medical expenses thanks to Brian's crappy insurance? And who knows what else.

I really thought the economy would be better by now, almost one year to the day of my last day of work. Some say things have improved, but I am not convinced. Will one of you please tell me otherwise?!

Regardless, we are shopping around for windows and roofers. So if you can recommend anyone (or if you have heard bad things about some place), please let me know.
Can you see the lovely condensation (and the snow in the backyard, even though it is 65 degrees. Crazy)?


Anonymous said…
Home ownership is not for the faint of heart. We bought a house in Pittsburgh that had no date on the contract. Since then, we found it was built in 1864. People think that's cool. Then you live there and find out what all can go wrong in a 150-year-old house. Just keep savin' money. You're eventually gonna need it.
Bill Applegate said…
I would highly recommend Beley Building and Remodeling. They do great work. Email me if you want additional info.
Sherri said…
I totally feel your pain on these issues. We are in the exact same position... Hard to find a house that requires no maintenance - our house here is over 100 years old - our previous house was 40 years old, and... both needed similar repairs. Ongoing.. um .... 'labor of love" - for lack of a much better descriptor...
Facie said…
At least I am not alone!

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