Some tough anniversaries coming up

April is normally a month of hope. The first full month of spring. Typically Easter falls within it. We usually end up with at least a week or two of nice weather (one year we had a week in the 80s). People spend time outside. Baseball season starts (remember, no one starts with a losing record!).

This April, however, and particularly over the next two weeks, I will be thinking about the one-year anniversary of some sad things that occurred within a seven-day period last year.

  • The tragic death of Amy's (from Callapitter) children. I will be sending her good thoughts and vibes over the next few weeks. As difficult as this last year has been for her, I am surmising the anniversary will be trying in a different way. I am, however, glad to see that plans for the playground memorializing her children are coming together. If you are interested in donating, please go here.
  • The slaying of three Pittsburgh police officers. Sadly, someone is killed almost every week in and around the city. But when three officers are taken down like that, it is truly chilling and provides a sobering reminder of the dangers of an officer's job. A memorial is planned for the officers, which you can read about here.
  • The deadly accident at St. Maurice Church last Good Friday. Since Good Friday is only a week away and because two of the people injured in the accident are now suing the diocese, this event is pretty much upon us now. In fact, I am fully expecting there to be cameras at church next week.
As I understand it, the couple's insurance did not cover everything, so I can see why they are doing it. But I am a disheartened by the lawsuit. How is the diocese negligent in this? Fr. Elmer was driving the car that ran into a handful of people. It makes me want to sue the parents of the 20-something guy that ran into the utility pole at Christmas, causing the power surge that in turn caused a lot of damage to my neighborhood. The parents should be just as responsible for his actions as the diocese is for a priest, right?

Well, that is enough sadness for one post. I will still try to remember that hope springs eternal. And spring brings eternal hope. Or something like that.


Sherri said…
Yes - it is a tough month. It's a rough time of year for people experiencing loss. Spring, Easter - all reaffirmations of life, and so many have lost so much. You're like me..... you do remember to appropriately reflect on these things. So many people don't. Have a good weekend.

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