I just don't get Jeff "Skippy" Reed's latest run-in with the law. A bigger mystery could be why Matt Spaeth did not use the bathroom in the bar before leaving McFadden's. Presumably that bar, where Reed and Spaeth had just left, had restrooms, so there does not really seem to be a need to relieve oneself outside.

But I digress. Here is what I don't understand: When Spaeth gets cited for public urination, why does Reed feel compelled to get out of the car? I think the vast majority of police officers are good people. But I bet even the ones who are questionable probably won't do anything unless you challenge them. In other words, be nothing but respectful and cooperative. A little "yes, sir" and "yes, ma'am" certainly cannot hurt. But it should not have come to that. Reed should have remained in the car while Spaeth was being issued a citation. It did not concern Reed.

My guess? Reed probably was trying to stand up for Spaeth, talk the officers out of citing him, etc. How many times do you read about famous actors, musicians, and sports figures getting themselves out of trouble (Plexico Burress gun incident notwithstanding)? Too many of those people think they are above the law, above the "common" people. Ben Roethlisberger himself said that he should not have to pay a cover charge for a nightclub because he is bringing in business. I see his point, but he is a patron just like everyone else. Pay up; it is not as if he can't afford it.

I will be surprised if the Rooneys cut (or don't re-sign) Reed; other than that aberration during the Chicago game, he has been pretty consistent. Remember when the Rooneys excused James Harrison for slapping his girlfriend last year? If he was dispensable, they probably would have cut him (though it appears a factor was that Harrison wanted to baptize his child and the Rooneys are Catholic). If you forget that bizarre explanation from Rooney, check it out here.

I realize more information may come out about this latest Skippy incident involving alcohol and his bravado, but I doubt those details will change my mind. Bottom line: Act like a grownup. Keep your nose clean. And if you cannot control your alcohol intake, you should probably stay home.


Anonymous said…
Maybe Jeff Reed got confused and thought the cop was a paper towel dispenser?!! Hahaha.
Facie :-) said…
Good one.

As a follow-up, Coach Tomlin, whom I love very much (though not nearly as much as I love JoePa), decided that Skippy will play Sunday.

Coach said things that made little sense (not sure if he threw in my favorite "and things of that nature"). But most confounding was (and I am paraphrasing) that Reed got in trouble on Sunday whereas Santonio got in trouble later in the week (last year when he got busted for smoking or having dope in his car), so Coach had more time to deal with Reed and therefore Reed could play.

Huh? How about instead say, "We are playing an undefeated team. We have barely beat the awful teams. I am quite sure we will have no chance to beat a good team without a kicker. Therefore, Skippy plays."

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