This and that

I don't have a lot to say on any one thing, so I thought I would share some random things on my mind. Here goes.

  • That was quite a storm the Burgh and surrounding areas saw last night. Our garage was starting to flood (we have no basement). Kind of scary. But at the same time, there is something cool about a storm. Hopefully there were no injuries to anyone.
  • More people at the company where I worked got laid off this week. Well, furlough was the technical term. On the one hand, I guess the company wants those people more than I, which is bothersome. On the other hand, those same people might not see a dime of severance since they can always be called back. My guess is not everyone will get called back.
  • I am nearly over my Penguins euphoria. I did not go the parade; I just thought it would be too much with Jordan to have to stand there for hours. It was cool to watch it on TV. Glad that Steelers training camp starts in about a month, though!
  • Having Father's Day come right after the Stanley Cup made gift buying easier. Brian will soon be the recipient of a nice Stanley Cup champs hat and t-shirt. Of course, I got one for myself too.
  • Speaking of gifts, I am convinced Dave Ramsey would be very disappointed in me right now. I should be spending nothing extra right now, and I know it. Especially since our first tuition payment for Jordan's school is due in two and a half weeks. We have not budgeted for that.
  • And speaking of that, we did not get any financial aid for Jordan's school. I am not sure if it is because they based their decision on last year's income or that we have enough in savings to cover tuition and other expenses for quite some time. Either way, I am not happy. And if the latter is true, way to punish me for scrimping and saving over the past few years. At the rate I am going and with this economy, we might just blow through our savings, and then I actually will get financial aid next year. Then we can be like so many others. Yeah, I sound pretty bitter.
  • And now Governor Spendell wants to raise our state income taxes again. Who is surprised? Anyone? Anyone? So many people talk about leaving the state. This is not going to help. Why can't state workers, including reps and senators, take paycuts. So many others have done it. And why can't we reduce the size of our legislature? Does anyone know how we can make that happen?
  • The highlight of my annual checkup this week was weighing 7 pounds less than last year. I guess the stress of unemployment, not snacking constantly at work, and chasing a five-year old around can do that. I am pretty sure that loss will find its way back to me on vacation, though.
  • I am worried about teaching vacation bible school next week. I did not realize how little materials the church actually provided us with. Wish me luck!


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