Resolutions I should make

Years ago, I would make resolutions, none of which I would ever keep. The majority of them involved losing weight, but I gave that fight up years ago. I am saving a goal of losing 10 pounds for my 20-year reunion in 2009. I figure about two months out from that (still not sure when it is), I can diet and drop the weight. I have not tried to lose weight since 2002, so I will probably be surprised at how difficult it will be. But I can have hope!

I had incentive: Bally's sent me an offer of $100 for a year's membership or $65 to go only twice a week. Brian said I should take a one hundred dollar bill and burn it because he doubted I would ever go (I payed 17 bucks per month for almost two years, and I think I went twice). So I had decided to go for the 2x a week deal until I read somewhere that Bally's was going bankrupt. I figured I would probably not bother going the first couple of months, then Bally's would go under, and I would get mad. So I guess I will continue to have the muscle tone of a jellyfish and a butt the size of a third-world country for the foreseeable future.

I would like to talk less and listen more. Most people don't care what I have to say (or at least wish I could say it more quickly), yet I continue to talk, talk, talk (or write, write, write), and bore some people in the process. Until I can accept that most others don't think everything that comes out of my mouth is fascinating, I will continue to yap. Maybe I can still work on listening better.

I should also resolve to have more patience. Yes, I do let my kid get away with more than I should, but I think I also am too quick to yell or scold. I struggle with this a lot. I never snap at people at work. Why can't I do that at home?

Another resolution I should make but won't unless I am forced to is to get better about money. Lately, I have spent money here and there with little regard to the crumbling economy around me. About two weeks ago, I got a 30-percent off coupon from Kohl's, which I think I used four times in a 10-day period. I did end up getting Baby Alive Learns to Potty, normally $60, for only $21 thanks to that coupon and a sale. The deal became less awesome after Baby Alive stained the carpet (she missed the potty, clearly having not mastered that skill), and Baby Alive has not been touched since.

Brian wishes I would resolve to be more organized. It is amazing our bills are (generally) paid on time, thanks to the disaster area where our computer and filing cabinets are located. He was so excited to see our dining room table one day last week, short-lived as it was, before being covered with newspapers and other papers.

Hopefully the rest of you will do better than I will with resolutions. The best I can do is to resolve to make no resolutions. Surely I can be successful at that!


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