The most wonderful time of the year

Yesterday, while driving Jordan to Target to get her Christmas pictures taken, someone on a radio station announced there was only 15 days until Christmas. Today makes it two weeks. Ah! Ugh! Eeek! I am not ready!

I woke up this morning with my stomach feeling rather bleh. I wanted to get some things done at work today, so I figured I would try to muddle through. When I turned down lunch with my friends for our weekly jaunt to the cafe next door and decided to instead go home, having eaten only one little pretzel all day, I figured I was in trouble.

Fortunately, for some odd reason, I feel a lot better. I never did get sick, so I have no idea why my stomach is just mildly, barely irritated now. Brian, on the other hand, was not so lucky. Jordan too had something this past weekend.

I still have Christmas shopping to do and not a lot of time to get it done. Since I no longer feel as if I am going to hurl, I wonder if I should not run out now. Happily, we already exchanged gifts with the nieces and nephews when we were in NC over Thanksgiving, so at least that is done. But I still have others, including Jordan to buy for.

While at Target yesterday waiting to see the pictures, Jordan and I walked around the toy section, and I asked her what she wanted Santa to bring. Over the last few weeks, when I have asked Jordan what she wanted for Christmas, she usually says she does not know. Clearly a sign of a child who has too much already. But once we started perusing the toy aisles, suddenly a dozen wants popped up.

Part of me wants to give her just one thing, which would be one of the dolls she wants. She truly has a lot, and I don't want her to become any more spoiled than she already is (which I mostly blame on Brian's mom). I actually considered a few years ago, telling Jordan there was no Santa who delivered presents. She is afraid of him anyway, and Christmas should be as much about Jesus (more) than any other thing. But then I worried she would be the only kid at school who did not believe in Santa, and I felt bad not only thinking about the excitement she would be missing, but also about all the dreams of other kids she could be crushing.

So, yes, Virginia, Santa will be making a trip to our house, through the front door since we have no chimney. Santa will undoubtedly leave a handful of presents for Jordan, which will hopefully be appreciated past noon Christmas day. None for the mom and dad who are already enjoying their flat-screen TV. We'll see if Sadie gets the nod this year...


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