Still stuck in anger

I want to be happy that the country has elected its first black president. It really is a great, long overdue event. But why did it have to be Obama, such a liberal guy?

I was on one of the P-G forums yesterday, and a poster told some people to stop bashing Obama because we have had to put up with 8 years of W's stuff (or something like that; I cannot seem to find the forum anymore).

So let me get this straight: I have had to listen to Bush bashers for eight years, but only 12 hours after the election was called, people are not allowed to be upset or say negative things because their candidate lost/the candidate that they did not like won?! Since the forum is now gone, removed, vanished, I guess that gives me my answer. Perhaps the Fairness Doctrine was put back into place overnight!

Another poster talked about restoring the image of the country. I believe that a big part of the tarnished image is that people did not stand behind Bush. It is one thing to disagree with a president, but to be so openly disrespectful as people have done, what good does that do? I had almost forgotten about the comments a lot of the Hollywood liberal made, from referring to Bush as a fictitious president (whatever that means), to people being embarrassed from being from the same state as Bush. Bush was blamed for just about everything under the sun. Bush may not have been a great president, but he did not deserve to be vilified as he was. Think about it: One person spent his campaign saying his opponent was like Bush, clearly a negative thing that helped him win the election. And the other candidate spent his campaign saying he was not Bush.

Unlike so many Bush bashers, I will stand behind the new president. I may not agree with most of his politics, but he deserves all of our respect. I will do my best to give it to him. Just give me a few days.


C said…
I also posted on that forum. I too have been looking for it. It went away in one day (is that normal? I have only posted one time on the website forum). Did it go away because the majority of the posts were Republicans commiserating about the election and hoping for the best with President Obama? You will not hear much bashing from me on President Obama during his term, mostly because it will be drowned out by more Bush blaming.
Facie :-) said…
No, not normal for forums to go away, but I guess the P-G decided to take all the election-related ones down. By clicking on one of the tags in the forums (something about Obama), I was able to find the forum (and, what I think were, your posts).

I am going to give Obama a chance, but if too many people start griping about Bush and continue to blame him for months and years on end, all bets are off.

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