I remember when I used to blog...

A handful of years ago, my attention span was greater. I looked forward to blogging regularly as well as reading blog posts of various people. But then at some point, FB took over that space in my brain, and because I had so many posts to keep up with, blogging and reading others' blogs took a back seat. I eventually started to tweet, but I mostly reserve that for commenting on or about sporting events, which I don't do with any sort of regularity. Mostly because Twitter is so in the moment; I can never keep up.

But my lack of blogging means my writing skills have languished. When you type only a few sentences at a time, you can't expect greatness. And when you realize you don't have much to say beyond 6-10 sentences, but when you know that whatever can be said will take you double or triple the words necessary, well, that, folks is why I hardly blog. That and that my life is pretty boring. (Unless semi-regular Phipps flower and my dog and cat posts on Instagram excite you. And I am certain they don't.)

So why today? Well, blogging more (or more than a couple of times a year) is not really a resolution; I am pretty sure I have not done those in years (though maybe before I hit "publish" I should double-check). I guess I just don't have the energy to do laundry or watch the Pens play. But I have been trying to look inward and see how I can better myself, due partially to something I am going through now (but likely won't blog about it). Suffice it to say, someone's perception of me surprised me, and even though I think said person's views are a little warped, it reminded me that I am so far from perfect and have many things I need to work on. So why not dust off the old blog to dance around that and do one better, kind of.

I came up with a list of what I consider positive attributes/how I would want others to see me (and put said list, where else, on FB). It is kind of lengthy, and no one I know possesses all those qualities. But for me, trying to strive towards a few of those things can only be good. I think.

Anyway, this is my list. Maybe if I put it here and on FB, I will feel more compelled to improve upon the ones I am really lacking in (but a few of these I do quite well):
Honest, non-judgmental, kind, even-tempered, generous, loving, compassionate, introspective, forgiving, empathetic, considerate, a good listener, engaged, reasonable, positive, hopeful, faithful, loyal, tactful, restrained, adventurous, welcoming, patient, strong, attentive, sensitive, observant, respectful, ethical, humble, supportive, brave, decisive, inclusive, encouraging, approachable, non-materialistic.
I asked my FB peeps what they value in others, but, alas, even though I have nearly 400 friends, only a few weighed in. And that lack of response is another reason I feel I could be a better, more likable person. I generally don't get hung up on people "liking" my posts or making comments. But when I throw things out like that, I wonder why so few respond, whereas another friend might get dozens of opinions. Although I don't need others to validate what I consider important, I really am interested in what qualities people admire. I want to be a better person. But I am not entirely sure what would get me there. Does this make any sense? (For the record, I don't care about the opinions of those who are racist, manipulative, extremely judgmental, demeaning, egotistical, or materialistic, to name a few.)

Anyway, if anyone out here happens to come across this blog (or if any of my regulars do), please considering sharing your opinions of what you value in others and why you do. In the meantime, I am going dig deep and try to figure out how to better myself. Because wanting to do so is probably half the battle. Or at least a good fight.


Lynnie said…
I suspect I didn't comment on Facebook. I also didn't realize that you still blog (or at least intermittently blog). Somehow I stopped getting notifications when you posted something new. I'll have to look into that because I always enjoy reading your posts.

Anyway, what do I value in others? Your list seems pretty inclusive of most good things. Things I consider high on my list, aside from the obvious ones of honesty, integrity, and strong morals, are thoughtful, which I guess is pretty similar to your "considerate", and not self-centered. I also value happiness and positive outlooks. But many of your other traits on your list are important, too: kind, loving, forgiving, reasonable, patient, attentive, sensitive, respectful, ethical, humble, supportive, encouraging.

But you also asked why I value these things. I'm not really sure I can answer that, except to say that I enjoy being around people that have those qualities. And they just seem like the things that make a person a "good" person.
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