Calamityware for unique holiday gifts

I have been really lousy at blogging during 2016, for several reasons (some of which I don't even know). One big reason is time: Between working full time and helping promote Calamityware, plus having a small family and doing the occasional social thing, there is not a lot of time left to put thought into blogs. [Sadly, I can put hours into FB, but that is mostly my reading and not thinking, and perhaps writing short comments. :-)]

Anyway, since we are now in the middle of the holiday (shopping) season, I thought I would again promote Calamityware. If you are like me, you have a few people on your gift list who are really challenging to buy for. That is where Calamityware may come in handy. Following are the unique, quirky, fun, and even some beautiful items you can purchase here:
  • Various porcelain plates adorned with fun things like frogs, zombie poodles, pterodactyls, tentacles, a volcano, a vortex, and more; buy a plate or one of the series of four
  • Soup bowls with fly (1 fly per bowl!) and small plates with ants (ranging from 1-4 per set)
  • Mugs with a dozen calamities and mugs with "classy" cursing (the former is on back order, but should be back around 12/15; the latter should be online within a couple days)
  • Puzzles (Bad Neighborhood and Evil Twins, the latter which just finished a successful Kickstarter campaign and should be online around 12/15)
  • Bandanas (black Spirited Bones, blue Angry Paisleys, and purple Space Worms, in sets of 3)
  • Pocket silks (frogs, bad neighborhood, sea monsters; they are based on other products)
  • Sea Monster notecards
  • Sea Monster shower curtain (Do you notice a sea monster theme? There was a print at one time, but that sold out)
  • Prints (Octopedestrians and Remembering Albrecht)
Please consider stopping by to see if any of the little works of art may work for you, your loved one, your friends, or even your boss. If you happen to read this in the next 3 hours, you can get in on the "spend $100 and get a free gift" Cyber Monday promotion.

Or just check out the site to learn more about the products, the story of Don (the designer behind it), or just to read some of the interesting blog posts. Calamityware is also on Facebook and Twitter (@Calamityware).

Thanks for stopping by on this Cyber Monday. Hopefully within a couple of weeks, I will have something meaningful to post. :-)


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