The speed of life

Life just keeps zooming by. Not sure how it happens. Would love to slow it down (except during an awful workday or a painful conversation). But, alas, on we go.

And speaking of living life, I have found a way to spend even more time on my phone (the hubby did not think that was possible). I finally replaced my iPhone 4 with an iPhone SE. It is nice to be on an operating system that came out in the current year (My 4 was still on OS 6, which was updated in 2013, just not by me). And to have actual memory on the phone (I went from 8 to 64 GB). I can have more than 12 apps! My desktop computer (on which I am typing this post) is older than a lot of grade schoolers, and I keep clinging to XP, but at least I have made technical progress somewhere!

So what else? Hockey season is back. Yeah! Please just no one else hurt Sid (including Sid). The Steelers' football season kind of hit a skid with Big Ben's injury, but it ain't over yet. And Penn State beat then #2 OSU in a spectacular game last week. Still get the feels about that one. Pitt continues to throw away some games at the end, but not all, so there is hope!

I am trying to step up my volunteering by encouraging the kid to volunteer with the youth group and then helping out. She also joined a service group at school. I am really trying to impress on her the importance of helping others and giving back. Even though we are currently a 1.5-income family (soon to be 1), as long as I can help some out a little, I will. Locally, I do this in the form of helping small businesses. Maybe some day I can do more.

I am still helping my friends out at Calamityware. The holidays will be here soon, and if you are looking for a unique gift, please check out the site, which has plates, puzzles, mugs, bowls, pocket squares, notecards, bandanas, a shower curtain, and even fun t-shirts. Our crazy white menace Bailey was made less menacing via the Spirited Bones BADbandana. :-) Bailey also was recently selected for #FurryFriendFriday by #1 Cochran (where I got my Forester this spring) with this pic.

I won't even go into the election, other than to say it is sad when you don't want your 13-year-old to watch the debates. Sigh.

And speaking of 13. Boy is having a teenage daughter fun! I tell everyone that she can go from sweet to Satan in 60 seconds. Lord, help me. Fortunately, thanks to my low vitamin B12 levels, my memory is not great, so I often forget the really trying times.

And that is true for most anything. I really, really try to be positive and look at the bright side (monthly trips to Phipps help), though I sometimes need a reminder of this. But as we go headfirst into the holidays, I will keep trying to be grateful for what I have and remind myself that I don't know what battles others are facing. Kindness can go a long way.


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