"You've aged well."

Yesterday, I met with about 15 former coworkers from the job I was at the longest (almost 13 years). About once every year or two, someone sends out an email and tries to gather together as many people as possible for an afternoon or evening on the South Side of Pittsburgh. Although I could not tell you how many coworkers I had at that job (in 13 years, a lot of people come and go), I am lucky to say that I worked with a lot of great people over the years. And even though I keep in touch with a only a handful of them on a regular basis, it sure is nice to see some "old" faces every now and again.

And speaking of old...

I missed the gathering that was held in 2012. So the last time I saw most of these people was in the summer of 2011. And it could have even been 2010, as the years seem to run into each other. A few people I had not seen since I left that job (five years ago Thursday!), and one person I had not seen in probably several years before that.

Most everyone looked good. Some of us are a little grayer. Some of us are a little bigger. One person was considerable smaller (as in 200 pounds!). Me? Well, I am definitely grayer, though I try to get highlights to hide some of it. And although I weigh what I weighed when I left that job, I am about eight pounds heavier that I had been since the spring of 2009. Oddly, one of my former work boyfriends, whom I had not seen in probably two years, asked if I had lost weight. Being the forthright person I am, I told him that, no, I was, in fact, heavier. Maybe I just dress better now! :-)

And then one guy said to me, "You've aged well."

Was that supposed to be a compliment? I certainly don't think he was insulting me, but it just is not the same as saying, "You look great."

In fact, that sounds like something you would say to (or think about) someone who is in their 60s or 70s, in my opinion.

I am 42, people!

In any event, it was a great few hours. I only wish I had had more time to spend with many of the people. Time marches on, and too many of us get wrapped up into our own lives. It is good to try to reconnect with people when you have the chance and while you still can. And, let's face it: it is better to age then it is not to age.

So I will take aging well, thank you very much!



bluzdude said…
I'm sure he meant it as a compliment, so you should take it that way. Maybe he didn't just say, "you look great" because it might sound like he was hitting on the married lady.

Oh, and I WISH I was only 8 lbs heavier that I was in 2009!
Facie said…
I like your interpretation. :-)

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