And I think it's gonna rain today.

I miss the days of blogging regularly. Unfortunately, life gets in the way, and the little time I have for myself in the evening is often wasted on TV or the stupid smart phone. And it is way too annoying to bang out a post on a phone.

I want to blog about my and the kid seeing the big yellow duck at the Point. I want to blog about the Pirates winning season, amazing wildcard win, and decent showing in the playoffs. I want to blog about the good things at work. I want to blog about some interesting bus tales now that I am a regular bus rider. I want to blog about my future career as a badminton player (wink, wink). I want to blog about little things that have made me happy.

But despite the many good things in my life, sometimes there are things that just get me down and frustrate me. Things in life that disappoint me. Things that make me sad. Things I analyze and question over and over. Things that really concern me. Things that I wish there were easy or at least obvious answers for. 

If I thought I could find some answers here, I would write about them. But this isn't the place for a variety of reasons. Not sure there is a place, actually. 

With that I will leave you with a few thoughts. 

Life is short.

The grass is not always greener on the other side. 

You never know what battle someone else may be fighting. 

When in doubt, choose kindness.


bluzdude said…
In other words, "Seize the day... but do it kindly!"
This is amazing yet simple advice. I'm a very positive person but tend to feel personally slighted by things when I should have stopped and thought, "Is it really likely that this person was intentionally trying to spite me?" No, no, the person rarely is. Probably never, actually.
Facie said…
Bluz: Yes, I guess that is a good way of looking at it. Unfortunately, I am not so good at the former part. I am pretty darn good at the latter.

Katie: I do try to remember when people are crabby or snap, most likely they are going through some crap.

At first I thought you said "slight" not "spite," and I was going to say that that is a whole different ballgame. In my experience, slighting tends to be intentional, but spiting rarely is. But not never! :-)

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