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Pushing the good things to the front (or at least trying to)

Tomorrow the kid starts daycare. I am not even sure that is what it is called when your kid will be 10 in about 2.5 months and headed into fifth grade. As I said on Facebook, it has been almost five years since I had to gather up extra clothes, write my kid's name on things, etc. I am not even sure what the etc. is  because I cannot remember what you are supposed to do when you send your kid off to a child-care facility (which in this case is a church-school)!

J is a little apprehensive about it, but I think she is also slightly excited (and by think, I mean hope and pray). It will be a chance to meet some new people who hopefully will be kind-hearted. We are both glad that the place provides breakfast, which means that J can sleep in an extra 10 minutes from what she did the past nine months. The place also provides lunch, most choices which she likes, which also means that she won't have to pack her lunch too often. I still am sad that she has to do this. I am sad that she does not get to sleep in over the summer as she did the previous four summers. And I am sad that she has to be in childcare five days a week, which she has never had to do in her life. But I think we will be okay. Please send some good vibes, thoughts, and/or prayers our way, okay?

And speaking of sadness, hockey season is over, before it had any right to be for the Penguins. I still cannot wrap my head around how the Pens beat the Bruins every time they played them in the regular season, but could not manage to beat them one single time in four playoff games. I cannot understand how the highest-scoring team (at least I think that was the case) managed to get the puck into the net only two times in those final four games, which, again, happened to be losses. As a result, the Pens are not headed to the Stanley Cup.The only solace I have is that even if they won the Eastern Conference, the Pens would not have wrapped up a Stanley Cup victory by this coming Saturday, which was when I would have needed it to be done in order to get the hubby a Stanley Cup champs t-shirt and hat for Father's Day. So there is that! Of course this also means I have no idea what to buy him for Father's Day. Then again, I did not realize Father's Day was next Sunday until a few days ago. Sigh.

And that is because I have worked a lot of OT the past two weeks. Work has been crazy-busy as we have been trying to make a deadline, which fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how your look at it) has slowly been pushed back. My house needs to be cleaned (thankfully the hubby took over vacuuming), but at least I finally did four loads of laundry over the weekend. Not fun, but necessary. Despite my being busy, working through lunch, staying late (and avoiding traffic most days, a plus!), I still really like the job, for which I am grateful. Best of all, it appears that my hard work, particularly these past few weeks, paid off. The client (not really the right word) reviewed all our teams materials on Thursday and Friday, which was contained in about 600-PDFed pages over six documents, and approved everything with no changes. I cannot tell you how happy and proud and relieved that made me feel.

As good (or maybe even better), my boss said the following in an email to me: "By the way, I hear you are doing a fabulous job. High praise from the science team!"

Those sentences made my day yesterday. They helped to lessen the sting of the end of the hockey season as well as the sadness about my kid going to daycare. Here's hoping that it can sustain me a little longer...


bluzdude said…
Regarding the end of hockey season, I'm just glad now that I don't have to schlep a couple of game jerseys with me when I go on vacation in a couple of weeks.
Anonymous said…
Kids are resilient and often do much better than mom and dad when it comes to these things. Nevertheless I will send all good thoughts your way.

Congratulations on your recognition from your boss. No doubt it is well deserved.
Jessica R. said…
I think no matter the age, it's tough on mom to send our kids off somewhere for the whole day, but you're right, I bet she makes some great friends and has a lot of fun in the process.

And congrats on the high praise!
Facie said…
Bluz: That is looking on the bright side. I said to a friend that at least I saved some bucks on Stanley Cup Champs tees!

Anonymous: Yes, kids do tend to adjust well. Thanks for the good thoughts. The first few days have gone well. And thanks for saying it is well-deserved.

Jessica: I did not tear up until I left her, and that was only b/c she was so sad looking, but she had a great day. And thanks for the congrats.

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