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When I lie awake at night, often post ideas swim around my head, most of which are pretty good. But when I wake up the next day (or at least when I have the time to sit down and write a post), those great ideas and half-written-in-my-head posts have disappeared. So I just thought I would throw a few things out there.

  • I went to a fashion show today, to support J's school. Considering my near lack of fashion, it is kind of funny, but it was actually a nice time, made better by my winning a small door prize. If nothing else, I was happy to see a pair of medium-length shorts on one of the eight-grade models. Anymore, it seems as if shorts come in two sizesan inch or two just below the butt or well below the knees, which I guess are not really shorts. Hooray for a happy medium!
  • In case you were wondering, being out of work for three years is kind of like a lifetime. Unfortunately, those few freelance projects over the past few years as well as my share of subbing are just not the same as going into an office a few days a week. I had truly forgotten what it was like to sit in traffic, work a long day in an office, and deal with clients on a daily basis. Things are different out there in 2012, and we all know how much I love change...
  • Date night/afternoon/a couple of hours is important. I realize I did not say anything new here, but Brian and I are quite guilty of putting our child well above our marriage, which is not healthy for the marriage. We last went out for dinner, just the two of us, back in December. Yesterday, we spent most of the day together while J spent the day and night (and today as well) at Grammy's. It was nice to eat lunch out, go to Home Depot (which I love), watch a movie together, eat in, and just hang out. Even today, thanks to my forgetting my cell phone on my way to church, Brian met me after church with the phone, and we spent 10 minutes together at the coffee shop before I headed off to the fashion show/luncheon. We really needed that time together.
  • It took me only one day to get over the Pens early exit from the playoffs. I think I am getting pretty used to hockey being over in April, though I don't like it one bit. It does make me feel a little sad to think I have to wait over five months to see the Pens play again, but so is life. And as one of my former students said after the final game (loss), many of the players are still rich and I am still not. Indeed.
  • I have never pretended to know a lot about the health care overhaul, but I am supportive of at least some aspects of the Affordable Care Act. I know that someone has to pay for it, but there are probably a lot of people out there who do not get regular checkups because they don't have that extra money to spend (and, yes, some just choose to spend that money elsewhere). And no matter where you stand on the issue of birth control, the fact is that it is much cheaper than having and raising a baby.
  • I am glad the primary is over. I received a record number of calls in the past month or so, sometimes as many as six a day. People who were not even on my ballot called me. Sheesh.
  • Finally, as I have said here and in many other blogs, try to remember that one of the most important things you can do in life is treat others well (or at least not badly). You can be the biggest believer in God and the most regular church attendee, but if you treat others poorly, you might as well just stay home.
Now go out there and try to do the right thing. :-)


bluzdude said…
You know, I keep a tablet and pen on my nightstand for just that very reason. Unfortunately, most of the time, I am completely incapable of deciphering what I wrote.
Facie said…
There were a few times I would scrawl some things down, but what you said is pretty much what happened. Plus I am usually so tired I cannot even muster the energy to open my eyes, let alone pick up a pen and start writing. If only osmosis (from my head to paper or the computer) would work...
chris h. said…
What struck me the most is that you had a "date" to go to Home Depot (and that you still love to go). I lost that lovin' feelin' for Lowe's & HD after about a year in fixer-upperhood...used to be my favorite store, but going seemingly every weekend for years (and WAY too much time in the lumber, electrical, and nails & screws aisles) finally got to me.
Facie said…
If I went to the HD like I went to the grocery store, I would feel the same way. But I typically go once a month, so it is still nice. If I could win a gift card anywhere, it would be to that place; the things I would do (or pay someone to do)

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