Rough game

What a massacre those Steelers were involved in last night/early this morning. Players were dropping faster than the Dow has been lately. Sheesh! Watching a game like that reminds me what a dangerous sport football is and that some, maybe a lot, of the players deserve to make good money. Sure, there are far more noble professions, but, ah, football.

In my third year of fantasy football (I won the Super Bowl last year, by the way), I once again drafted a Steelers player (well, more accurately, Yahoo drafted a Steelers player for me). I am always glad to have a member of the Black and Gold on my team as it makes their doing well doubly great. Thank you, Santonio, for finally scoring a TD this season. What tends to happen, however, is Steelers players tend to have a bad year when they are on my team. Hopefully, Santonio can break that bad habit.

The downside of fantasy football is when the Steelers play someone who is on my fantasy team or when my fantasy opponent has someone on the Steelers. My opponent last night had Hines Ward, which meant I had to hope he played okay, but not great. I hate that. And it is not easy having to actually root for Ravens, and Bengals, and Browns (oh, my) players. Never the teams, mind you, unless the Steelers need one of them to beat another.

I hope the Steelers can continue to maintain a winning record, not lose any more players to injury (I was worried during the 4th quarter that one of the coaches was going to call Deuce Staley to see what was doing, for the love of Pete), and remain atop the AFC North. And, it would be as nice if my beloved Nittany Lions, ranked 6th in the country, would also continue their winning ways.

Yep, football. The thing that lets me forget about all those other things, at least for a few hours a week. Go Steelers! Go PSU! And go Traffic (my fantasy football team)!

The dark photo? Me as Big Ben, taken just before the Steelers lost to Jax in January.


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